Healthcare And ACA Outreach

Hispanics tend to get certain diseases at higher rates or acuity — more due to social and economic stressors than genetics, yet they often have better health than other U.S. residents, especially if recent immigrants.

Specialized outreach is necessary to effectively educate and engage the Latino community!

Workforce Development

By 2043, Hispanics will be the majority, and 1 million Latinos turn 18 EVERY year. This ready-made workforce is not being appropriately and effectively trained to garner living-wage jobs and careers. We can customize solutions.

Talk to us to develop your workforce development plan, including coaching, training and recruiting

Banking And Financial Services

Hispanics are forecasted to hold one out of every two mortgages! Per the latest Census, one in four Hispanics have individual income greater than $65,000. Affluent Latinos grew over 200% over the last decade.

Education will build a loyal Latino client base with multiple cross-sell opportunities

Market Research Recruiting

Today, one in 6 people is a Latino and as of 2043, Latinos will be the Majority- yet the factors behind their purchasing behaviors and psychographics are a mystery. Let us recruit for your focus groups to ensure the Latino voice is heard.

Specialized recruiting to source hispanic participants for polls, focus groups and market research


Of Workers And Culture

From broken homes to an ineffective educational system, today's young workforce is lacking the growth and development opportunities to prepare them for the workforce. How will they ever fit in our world? The answer -- internships, apprenticeships, and workforce development.

An Ode to Mami

My parents brought us to the United States when I was 10. They didn’t speak English. They knew nothing about navigating the culture. No support network of friends or family. We, a family of 5, were living with another family, of 4 people, in an apartment. A one-bedroom apartment. So, no family wealth or trust fund either. Yet, I had the best childhood ever.

As a Latina, what I’m learning from Trump

Maryland is home to many innovative, savvy and powerful female business owners. In this issue of Path to Excellence, you’ll meet several of the women who have started their own successful businesses. Their stories are an inspiration to us all.