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Allow us to complement your existing marketing efforts, whether serving as your Hispanic Marketing Agency or simply, your content developer, there is a unique skill set to attracting, retaining and engaging Hispanics in the United States.

We will help you plan your next Hispanic marketing media campaign by negotiating the best rates and added value opportunities, including live interviews and social media promotions, to best serve you. With over 20 years of experience and deep-rooted network and market contacts, our team will help your organization cut through the clutter and language barriers and stand out.

Spanish/ English/ Bilingual Content

We develop content for your social media platforms, newsletters, blogs, and any other marketing materials needed by your organization. Content can be in Spanish, English or a strategic combination known as Spanglish.

Our content is always culturally relevant for Spanish-speakers, including consumers, patients, students or voters and correctly written by native Spanish speakers in neutral Spanish.

Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, curating and creating relevant content can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to target Hispanics. Why only provide your content in English when you can also offer culturally relevant content in Spanish?

Promotion & Social Media Marketing

Now that we have your message developed in authentic and engage Spanish- where do you promote it? Which Platforms? Media?

We can help.

We can stretch your budget and leverage the most effective platforms where your target Hispanic audience can be found.

Creative Support


Leverage our native and cultural expertise to review your collateral, campaigns and creative assets.  You can be comfortable in knowing that our entire, experienced, award-winning team is available to support your internal efforts, as little or as much as needed to deliver the most authentic, engaging and effective message required to engage Latinos in the United States.

Additionally, we provide design and creative support in the event you don’t have an in-house Spanish-speaking designer, audio engineer or editor to ensure the final product is exceptional.

From Voice Over, Transcripts, Subtitles, Brochures, Flyers, Newsletters to Video, Blogs, Websites- 


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