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Mario Granada is a Project & Client manager here at Cool & Associates LLC. He holds a business degree and is passionate about process execution and project management. He has a demonstrated history of working in business operation management. He supports the organization to plan, strategize, develop, execute and manage projects from start to finish.  

Mario is driven for high standards of work ethic and personal values. He enjoys working with our clients and is committed to our mission to help the community.

He began his professional career working for multinational business process outsourcing providers where he developed a vast experience in customer service KPI management. Then, he moved to the supply chain logistics industry as a project lead coordinator where he was able to consolidate his project management expertise.

Mario has a SEO background working as a digital marketing associate for a SEO agency and he is fascinated of how search engines work. He enjoys doing keywords research and SEO metrics analysis.

He is from El Salvador. He loves going to the beach and climbing mountains. He speaks Spanish and English. He also knows some Italian phrases.

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