Hispanic Strategy

Hispanic Strategy

The Hispanic population is exploding with a purchasing power of $1.5 trillion dollars

What is Hispanic Strategy?

Hispanic Strategy is the integrated process to engage Hispanics, Spanish-speakers, at every point of the acculturation spectrum.  This applies to potential clients, students, voters, patients, partners and donors along with your employers.

Allow Cool & Associates LLC the opportunity to develop your Hispanic Strategy.  We analyze your current processes, including:

  • Marketing, Messaging – Does that current messaging strategy resonate within the Hispanic market?  What needs to change? In what language?  We will work with your team to enhanced and modify the current process to penetrate the Hispanic market.
  • Media, PR & Advertising – When the message is ready, we engage the right media channels geared to court and woo your targeted Hispanic client.  Whether through print, social or digital or radio.  We incorporate community events and outreach efforts to further emphasize your messaging and brand.
  • Operations & Translations – We modify or re-purpose existing systems and materials, and supplement with in-language support, whether it be the website or 800#. Not everything needs to be translated and we help you determine what steps are most effective and impactful.
  • Staffing Support – Recruit the necessary bilingual and bicultural staff and provide the necessary training to develop the members of your team.
  • Metrics – We develop metrics to clearly measure your ROI, brand exposure and market penetration.

Our extensive corporate & nonprofit history provides us with unique insight of budgets, timelines and priorities. We can navigate the internal structure and priorities comfortably — Leverage our expertise TODAY.

Why do you need Hispanic Strategy?

Hispanics tend to be more entrepreneurial, establishing businesses at 3 times the rate of non-Hispanics; in Maryland alone, there are over 40,000 Hispanic Business Enterprises, representing a growth of 67% since 2002.

These numbers emphasize a previously under-served market.  New Clients, New Vendors, New Partners.  Yes, it’s obvious we should sell to the Hispanics Market: the HUGE numbers of buyers with disposable income.  But HOW DO WE SELL TO THEM?  How do we attract that buyer? How do we engage them?

Translate the brochures? Hire an intern?  Not quite. The Hispanic Market is complex and widely varied; just consider that over 20 countries are lumped into the category of LATINO, all with different cultures, traditions, socioeconomic status, political views, etc.

First step is to understand your market-base and address it accordingly: “You wouldn’t sell beef to a vegetarian, right?”

Remember that your client base is not only BILINGUAL but also BICULTURAL.  Will you mail letters or postcards? In what language? Tele-market? To the man or the woman in the household? Through Radio? Mobile reach?

The bottom-line:  The Hispanic Consumer wants to be informed and educated and treated with dignity and courtesy.  And they want to spend their hard-earned money with merchants that treat them well and make the effort to reach and engage them.