Hispanic Marketing, PR & Media

Hispanic Marketing, PR & Advertising

The 57 million Hispanics in the US hail from over 20 countries and have different values and purchasing habits

Why Have a Separate Marketing Strategy for Hispanics?

55% of Latinos still read local newspapers. Radio and DJ’s are key influencers with Hispanics in the U.S. and literacy levels vary across the entire demography.


Hispanic Marketing
Allow us to complement your existing marketing efforts, whether serving as your Spanish Marketing Agency, or simply, your content developer, there is a unique skillset to attracting, retaining and engaging Hispanics in the United States.

Media Campaign Plan & Buys
We will help you plan your next media campaign by negotiating the best rates and added value opportunities, including live interviews and social media promotions, to best serve you. With over 20 years of experience and deep-rooted network and market contacts, our team will help your organization cut through the clutter and language barriers and stand out.

Navigate Cultural Changes and Reach New Audiences
Cool & Associates is an industry leader specializing in multicultural communications and integrated marketing tactics which include traditional and non-traditional mediums that cross over between the general and Hispanic market the region. We help clients navigate through cultural changes to reach new audiences and strengthen their market positions.

Marketing Messaging
Does your company have the right marketing message and mix to reach an ever-changing consumer landscape? Do you know who your consumers are, what they like and why they buy?

We do.

Deliver your Brand to Hispanics
Knowing how to effectively communicate your brand message is key to the success and growth of your organization. We understand the importance of reaching consumers in the language they prefer and applying the appropriate message in the right environment to reach them.

Our goal is to get the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.