Why Bilingual & Bicultural Recruiting?

Through effective marketing and selling, you are now attracting the Hispanic consumer…
But, do you have a bilingual 800#?  How about your website? And most importantly is your team ready to service and address the needs of this highly loyal, yet different client base?

What Can We Do for Your Business?

Cool & Associates will analyze your current recruiting & training process and supplement your retention strategies with effective systems and customized training programs, including cultural fluency and leadership development training. We will provide:

  • Assessment of Current Staffing Models, Recruiting & Training Processes
  • Implement Effective Recruiting Tactics to Increase the Number of Bilingual AND Bicultural Team Members
  • Devise an Engaging Professional Development Training Programs to Develop the Current Team-Members and Educate Senior Leaders and Executive to Increase Retention and Engagement.

Why Customize your Workforce Development?

Hispanic immigrants take TWICE as long to acculturate to United States.

73% of Hispanic household, list Spanish as their dominant language. Every 30 seconds a Hispanic turns 18 in the United States. This is a huge opportunity to employ Hispanics, thereby expanding your company’s reach into this market. Hispanics are known to be loyal consumers, and employing Hispanics can create a greater sense of loyalty in this lucrative segment of the market…

Hispanics hail from over 20 different countries with very unique cultural traits and behaviors that influence how they learn, operate and work within your organization. Along with Culture, Language is a key factor in engaging your employees.

We develop customize, and affordable workforce development workshops and training programs, in English, Spanish or both languages, with culturally competent content to ensure your team is trained, developed to increase engagement and productivity.