When is a song more than a song?

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Summer has arrived…Windows are down, wind is blowing and music is blasting- And most likely, you are hearing “Despacito” blaring from the radio, a Latin pop single from Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, featuring Daddy Yankee, that just topped the charts to #1. Yes, a SPANISH-LANGUAGE song just topped the US Billboard Hot 100, yes, in English.

Although the song performed outstandingly well in Spanish mediums, it exploded in April, 2017 when American superstar Justin Bieber partnered with Luis Fonsi to create a remix where Bieber sung some of the lyrics in Spanish. Fonsi, re-worded some of the Spanish verses into Spanglish….and Voila. The horde of teeny-boppers instantaneously jumped on ITunes and downloaded “Justin’s New Song.” The video received over 23 million views in ONE day.

This craze validates some points: Culture Matters. Language Matters. And Influencers Matter. Period.

Go ahead, Google Despacito and enjoy.


*This article was originally posted on The Daily Record.

When is a song more than a song?

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