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As I write this latest column, I struggle with current events… The most contentious presidential election in recent history. History already being made with Hillary Rodham Clinton being the first woman as the leading candidate for a primary party. 

And as we all have personally experience, at a dinner party, or work meeting, even at the coffee stop…We argue, we question, we have even “unfriended” friends on social media over differing opinions. 

It’s ugly. 

The media has become a total circus of exaggerations, deflections and sadly, some candidates have opted to incite hatred and vitriol, feeding into a national movement of “ugliness”.  Fueling racism, sexism and more ugliness… 

Ideally, this would be a typical election cycle, where we hear the results late November 8th and wake up to a new era on November 9th, already transitioning into the new administration –  I’m not so certain that will happen this time around, yet I’m hopeful that Americans will surprise me. 

That they will come out in droves to vote.   

But not only vote, but that they research the issues they care deeply about and support the candidate that is most aligned with said issues… 

I really really hope that this happens.  That my hope translates into the democratic America we know. 

Gosh… I really really hope it goes my way on November 8th


Let it be an Educated Vote. 

When it’s all said and done, let’s reunite as the greatest democracy in the globe and be civil by supporting our incoming President. 

I really really hope it goes my way…

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