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Declaro Hillary Rodham Clinto que  

Hillary Rodham Clinton that she would run for the highest office in the land: the Presidency.  This being her second attempt, she is eagerly embracing her womanhood. If elected, she would be the first female president in the US…   A feat accomplished by other Latin American nations already, like ___________. 

It is said that when a woman lead she represents more than herself, she represents her village and community.  Regardless of your political affiliations, Democrat or Republican, I firmly believe a change in leadership would be welcomed.   Women make over 65% of the purchasing decisions in each household, so at the grassroots level, we are powerful and valuable.  That influence needs to expand outside of just our homes. 

If you are a naturalized citizen, educate yourself and vote in the next elections.   Sadly, as Latinos, we don’t have enough people at the table raising up our issues, from education, healthcare to economics.  Joseline Pena Melnik, a hard working delegate of Dominican heritage  has been in office since 2006, advocating strongly for our community; and along with fellow Latino legislators, such as Victor Ramirez and Ana Sol Gutierez,  formed the Latino Caucus to advocate for Marylanders, including Latinos. 

Simply put, if you are unhappy with your situation in life, use your voice to rectify matters for you, your family and those that do not have a voice, but have basic human rights and do require justice and equality. 

 Maybe you escaped persecution, danger and war in your home country and still hesitate to get politically involved.  I can respect that.   

But think of your daughter, your neighbor, and the children that are influenced by you.  As we know, we are the caregivers, the cleaners, cooks, teachers, nurturers of our home and village. And our actions, particularly the non-verbal ones, speak volumes.  Be sure to empower your daughters, sisters by showing them how you use your voice to stop injustice or create opportunities through legislation and your vote.  You are changing the future and amplifying the voice of women. 

You may be sitting at home reading this and disagreeing.  Thinking “who cares?”  I’m only a Peruvian immigrant, a Dominican hairstylist, a Salvadorian student, a Venezuelan worker. 

But no. 

You are a rock of strength. 

You are the pilot of your family. The doctor. The nutritionist. The stylist. The promoter. Without you, your home wouldn’t be the nurturing center of faith, safety, comfort and love.  From your home, you will nurture the next doctor, attorney, teacher or even, the next President. 

Never undermine your worth and influence. 

Regardless of your accent, ability to speak English. 

Regardless of your size or body. 

You are a woman. Strong, powerful, smart and the creator of life & family.  A lot of women today have to raise their children alone. Some women have to support their parents as well, the sandwich generation. 

Understanding that some ladies are busy working to barely get by- we have a duty to lift one another and promote an environment of confidence and success. We need to open doors for one another.  The way I see it is when you succeed, there’s a ripple effect that cause all of us to succeed. 

Look around and you will see these inspiring stories of success.  Flip the pages of this newspaper and take note of the caliber of women that share their talent, expertise and time with us monthly to educate, promote, and inspire us.  From Nathalia Edmonds Cruz, an innovative young leader with a burgeoning real estate practice; to Yolanda Maria Martinez, a social entrepreneur, serving our military while growing her respiratory health care company to a multi-million dollar enterprise expanding several states and employing over 70 folks. 

These are sisters, neighbors, cousins, friends, mothers… Women of Power and Influence.  So are you. 

Never underestimate your worth and your influence. Every one of your actions leaves an indelible mark on those around you.  Specially your children.   I never discuss myself as fat or overweight, but rather, “I need to get fitter or need to eat healthier” I ensure my actions provide very positive image for my daughter AND son, so they can grow into responsible and kind adults that are generous with their love and support. 

Celebrate your accomplishments.  Simple ones from saving money at the grocery store to huge ones, like a promotion, learning to speak English (even if you have an accent- you are speaking a SECOND Language!!) or establishing your own company.  

And let’s celebrate other women too.  Whenever one of your sisters hits a milestone, little or big, send her a note, a Facebook message or text.  Be sure to celebrate her in front of others, praise and praise, and do some more praising.  So that in a very near future, the worth of woman is not less than a man’s. But equal, if not higher.   

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday of May, and if you are blessed to have your Mother alive, celebrate her. Thank her for her love, sacrifice and guidance.  I love you Mami. 

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