Daytner Construction Group

As the CEO of Daytner Construction Group, I have worked with Veronica Cool for almost a decade; we have collaborated on various projects that have proven her expertise in dealing with the Hispanic market. Veronica clearly understands the Latino culture, not just because she is Hispanic herself, but because she is culturally aware of the differentiators amongst each nationality, knowing that a Mexican communicates differently than a Puerto Rican. This expertise is priceless and I highly recommend her services to any entity looking for a professional, dedicated and top-performing partner.

I highly recommend Veronica, knowing she will deliver above and beyond the expected results.

Theresa Alfaro Daytner — CEO/President – Daytner Construction Group

Pa’lante, Hispanic Students Moving Forward

Veronica Cool is an inspiration to anyone who has the opportunity to meet and hear her speak. She has worked with my students many times over the years and has inspired many young lives! She is also extremely knowledgeable about finances and banking. She has given excellent financial advice to both myself and my students in regards to planning for the future. What I love about Veronica is that not only is she extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, but she is so willing to share this knowledge with others. It is rare to meet someone who believes so much in uplifting others. Meeting and working with Veronica Cool has been one of the best experiences in my professional and personal life.

¡Es un mujer dinámica y muy motivacional! Comprende muy bien lo que significa ser latina e inmigrante y tener que luchar. Verónica si demuestra a los demás de que “sí se puede!” Hace falta tener más Verónicas en este mundo.

Kelly Flores (O’Brien)Program coordinator for Pa’lante, Hispanic Students Moving Forward in partnership with University of Baltimore/ Teacher of Spanish for Heritage Speakers – Patterson High School.

Emerging Technology Center

I could write about Ms. Cool for hours. If you want your business to successfully understand and engage the Hispanic community you have found your secret weapon. In addition to her vast professional network and the meaningful connections she can bring to the table, Ms. Cool has proven success and extensive experience in corporate marketing and outreach focused on the Hispanic segment. Her knowledge goes beyond devising strategy and blends her vast historical knowledge of the Hispanic demographic with practical initiatives that move the needle. As a consummate speaker and trainer, she infuses her mastery and understanding of the Hispanic community into inspiring teams into action. Her operational and executive experience is also evident in her professionalism and laser-like focus which cuts through the clutter and focuses on the transformational initiatives that will propel your business forward within the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. Her work as former Chair of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is just but one example of her vision, leadership and hard work that yielded unprecedented results in the organization’s survival and growth.

Jorge E. Castillo — CMO In Residence – Emerging Technology Center

Bay Bank

For almost a decade, I have had the pleasure of working with Veronica Cool on various projects, including the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where she was the Chairman of tri state-wide organization. Her keen knowledge of the rapidly growing and highly influential Hispanic population was evident as she created and coordinated events that would most effectively reach the 40,000 Hispanic businesses in the state.

Veronica’s success stems from truly understanding her clients and delivering solutions that will undoubtedly provide exactly what they need; whether it is financial services, management expertise or reaching the Hispanic Segment. Her professionalism and attention to detail have led to very high levels of client satisfaction.

Additionally, her work as a business banker resulted in one of the largest and most profitable portfolios in the country. Once again, due to her focus on quality service, her clients not only survived the economic challenges but thrived, growing very profitably.

Richard Yoskey — Business Banking Manager – Bay Bank

Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

I have had the privilege of working with Veronica Cool for almost a decade on various boards and legislative initiatives that have impacted on Hispanics and Hispanic owned businesses in Maryland.

As a leader in the Maryland Hispanic community, her insight and ability to find common ground with diverse groups and organizations has enhanced the Hispanic community’s outcomes in the business and legislative arenas.

I worked closely with Veronica during her tenure as head of the MDHCC. Her focused management style and coalition building skills provided a framework whereby the MDHCC was able to expand its power and influence throughout the state of Maryland.

Veronica is a principled and skilled leader; an unstoppable force of nature and any organization or business would be lucky to have on their side.

Gilberto de JesúsVice Chair, Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce — Chief Counsel for Advocacy at the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, President Obama’s Appointment – Small Business Administration

The Barbour Group, LLC

It is my extreme pleasure to speak highly on the persona of Veronica Cool. For ten years I have witnessed a dynamo in action, spinning synergies to life. She inherently possesses in-depth management, operational and leadership expertise embodied with an unmatched style of sophistication. The state-wide Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a volunteer-run membership based organization representing 40,000 plus businesses took on a new force under Veronica’s leadership. Her success at 20 plus years of commercial banking that encompassed hundreds of loyal clients across the region was driven by her ability to be innovative on capital and lending structures, often uncovering local and state programs that businesses could leverage for growth. Veronica’s keen analytical and financial skills enabled her to become a front-line underwriter, troubleshooting issues prior to any formal submissions.

Not only is Veronica a success in business but her collaborative skills have amassed her a vast network of influential people, spanning many different industries, from non-profits to Fortune 100 firms and beyond to key legislators. She has the ability to affect better public policy and her testimony is sought after due to her credibility and expert knowledge on key issues. I am so proud to know her and honored to provide this testimonial to spur her new ventures in life.

Karen BarbourAFSB President – The Barbour Group, LLC

The Daily Record

Veronica Cool is a successful, passionate, inspirational, caring leader who is willing to relay her own life experience as well as the overall experience of women in business to help others achieve their goals. As a 3 time Tope 100 Women honoree and a Leading Women honoree Veronica has participated on panels as well as a key note speaker at The Daily Record’s Leading Women and Path to Excellence events. Every time Veronica takes the stage she touches the guests in the room. She has a gift of connecting with people from all walks of life and giving them the support and drive to make things happen. I always received notes and phone calls from guests at our events asking how to contact Veronica and expressing how much they enjoyed her message and that they will incorporate her words of wisdom in their own lives. Veronica is truly a gift to the business community, particularly up and coming women and minority leaders.

Suzanne Fischer-Huettner — Publisher – The Daily Record

Wells Fargo

I have known and worked with Veronica Cool since 2003. She is the smartest, engaging, driven business woman I know. She:

  • Asks – the right questions.
  • Listens – to understand and articulate the business challenge.
  • Creates – and designs business solutions.
  • Engages – to gain support and commitment to drive outcomes.
  • Breaks barriers – to remove obstacles.
  • Drives – results like nobody else.
  • Sustains – those it over time.
  • Leaves her footprint…

Jane Navarria — Senior Vice President, Business Banking Area Manager New Jersey – Wells Fargo