The Brilliance and Potential of our Humanity

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Today’s greatest problems are also today’s greatest business opportunities

After spending several days in San Francisco at the Singularity University Global Summit with the greatest minds of our time, including Peter Diamandis (founder of SpaceX, aiming
to get us mere humans into space); Ray Kurzweil (today’s Albert Einstein); Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen (inventor and developer of the technology that allows us to visualize our thoughts);
and Dr. Vivienne Ming (Socos CEO and neuroscientist specializing in artificial intelligence),my mind is blown.

I don’t say this lightly.

“Tomorrow’s speed of change will make today like we are crawling,” Diamandis said, highlighting changes in artificial intelligence, robotics, computation and abundance. He asked, “How do you become a billionaire? By helping a billion people!”

Veronica Cool is founder of Cool & Associates LLC, a business management firm specializing in financial wellness and diverse segment marketing. Her column appears twice a month in
The Daily Record and online. Contact her at Follow her on Twitter at @verocool.

*This article was originally posted on The Daily Record.

The brilliance and potential of our humanity

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