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(Baltimore, MD – June 24, 2019) – 

High school students from across the Baltimore Region are attending a week-long day camp to increase awareness of opportunities in future pharmacy careers by mixing education and hands-on experiences in the lab. Faculty and Professionals from Notre Dame University of Maryland School of Pharmacy are facilitating the program for the second year. 

Overall attendance at the camp increased by 61%, and included eight Latino students this year, some of whom qualified for bilingual scholarship assistance. Cool & Associates, LLC, a Maryland-based Hispanic engagement firm, partnered with the University on the outreach to the community for bilingual student applicants. “Presenting career and personal growth opportunities to the youngest members of our Latino community now will help get them involved in future commitments to improvements in the Latino health sector,” said Veronica Cool, CEO/Founder. 

“Latinos are one of the ethnics groups less represented in health-related careers,” said Dr. Anne Lin, dean of Notre Dame University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. This camp is the perfect opportunity to interest young students in pharmacy careers, allowing them to “become agents for positive change within the health system” in the future. 

The pipeline-building camp is culminating with a celebratory ceremony held Friday June 28th, 2019 at the Knott Auditorium at the Notre Dame of University School of Pharmacy.

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