Training & Professional Development

Regardless of the composition of your team, large or small, multi-generational or ethnically diverse, interpersonal challenges arise that impact productivity and morale.   Disengagement and increased hiring costs can dramatically impact your ability to deliver you goods and services. 

Cool & Associates LLC Provides Training and Professional Development.

We will support your team, enhance their performance, and improve your bottom line. We offer:

Highly Customized Training and Development:
Beginning with an initial assessment of the needs of the team, customized content and interactive, engaging facilitation on-site.  We deliver the training to suit your schedule and priorities.

Individual Coaching:
Professional coaching & development program for a selected key, high-potential employees, which includes initial assessment, customized coaching plan, agreed upon deliverables and action plan with progress updates.

Team Seminars:
We present relevant content to improve team dynamics or keeping the team updated on the latest trends, including:

  • Changing Demographics
  • Hispanic Marketing 101
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building

Diversity & Inclusion:
Diversity is so much more than race or gender. It’s about differences. Today there are FIVE generations in the workplace, creating friction due to ineffective communication styles and non-existing on-boarding. Unconscious biases permeate every interaction within the organization resulting in low morale, high turnover, and decreasing profits or funding.

Online Training Sessions COMING SOON!

Bring Cool into your organization for a highly engaging, authentic and effective Diversity & Inclusion program that raises awareness around Generational, Gender, Ethnic, Racial and Cultural Differences. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, we advance into communication and conflict resolution strategies along with leadership and coaching skills.

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